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“With MAX Backup, we've reduced our internal costs significantly and we've been able to pass these savings on to customers.”
Jason Etheridge
Logic Speak Inc.

Eliminate tapes with a fast and affordable online backup solution

Simplify the backup and recovery of your customer’s most critical systems, applications, and data

On-premises backups are slow, and prone to errors or hardware failures. MAX Backup’s Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud (D2D2C) approach ensures online backups are fast, highly available, and efficient.

Enterprise-class features, SMB price point

MAX Backup intelligently protects your customer’s Windows, Mac, and Linux systems centrally with support for your most important enterprise applications and virtual environments. Online backups are optimized to provide the fastest and most reliable recovery possible, all at a monthly cost even your smallest customer can afford.

Security-minded, Reliability-Focused

Backups are encrypted in transit and when stored online in our hardened world-class data centers throughout the globe. MAX Backup’s D2D2C approach provides redundancy and reliability, so backup and recovery is possible with or without an Internet connection.

Increased Revenues, Happier Customers

With MAX Backup, you can offer your customers an easy way to secure their business data, removing the hassle and stress you find with on-premises backup solutions. By utilizing MAX Backup, turn backup and recovery into a service, generating recurring revenue streams with faster backups and less work.

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  • Reliable Online Backup & Recovery - Protect your customer’s critical data efficiently, reliably, and securely in the cloud.

  • Simple & Secure Backup Management - Centrally manage backups quickly and easily without needing to visit the customer every time.

  • Better Service & Revenues - Increase your service offering, providing your customer with the confidence you can get them running again.

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